About Us

Botany Scientifics

Our Story

We are a community of family and friends that have come together to create plant based solutions designed for healing and connecting humanity back to our communities.

Botany Scientifics, LLC is a family owned and operated Texas company. Over the last several years we have been studying and learning the cannabidiol space and know we have created something unique.

It is a privilege to share the story of a plant that was once controversial. It is even more exciting to share our brand Botany that comes from our mutual love of soil, plants and community.

Being aligned with those that are like minded made our cause a mission. Our team then set out to vet farms that would share the same heart, passion, belief and love for humanity. So began our journey to create the brand Botany.

At Botany, we are committed to organic farming practices and sourcing locally whenever possible.

We are committed to building a community that thrives on love and grows organically.

Botany is committed to a personalized retail customer experience, product knowledge, education, authorized merchant retailers, influencers and regional sales managers.

Plants are the reason and humanity is the cause.

Soil. Plants. Community.

To learn how you can become community please call: 1.888.838.8092 or email: Hello@BotanyScientifics.com

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