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Chris Oppenheimer

Growing up on a military base allowed me to learn from a very young age that others may speak a different language, come from another country, or have a different skin color, but we are all the same, human!

At the age of eight, my mom began a career where she was personally mentored by the late Mary Kay Ash. She is the one responsible for instilling into our family values such as, “faith first, family second and career third” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

My childhood consisted of living in a small country town, going to the lakes, water skiing and camping on the weekends. I planted gardens with my dad, was a cub scout, boy scout, and had friends, where together, we rode bicycles, played tag football and neighborhood hide and seek, until the street lights came on.

Due to being exposed to “Agent Orange” in Viet Nam, dad became deathly ill and suddenly medically retired from the USAF. For his final military move, he chose San Antonio, so he could receive the best military veteran care.

Mom has conquered everything, from dads illness, to credit card debt, to her cancer, my addiction to meth and everything in between, all the while raising two teenage children and running a multi-million dollar business that she had created, from the ground up, enriching women’s lives. She did this all walking in faith and not by sight.

Mother taught me at a young age to always ask questions, learn from everyone I meet, never judge a book by its cover, and that being honest is the way to live freely.

After dropping out of college, Philadelphia, PA is where I began selling vacuum cleaners, a division of the Scott-Fetzer Company.

It was Warren Buffett who said; “When everyone is going one direction go another direction!” Those words have always inspired me to something bigger than myself, but where, when and how?

After a successful fourteen year career selling vacuums, multiple franchises, retirement investments, traveling the world, hummers, fancy cars, money, watercraft, strippers, a wife, step-children, divorce, etc., there was even a moment when I coded in the ER.

I was once miraculously healed after a mysterious loss of blood and with over eighteen blood and plasma transfusions and coming back to life, I become obedient. From that moment, even in the hospital room, I immediately began calling business colleagues, family and friends, sharing my “new label”, for society.

That’s right, all of my self-sabotage was my own doing. I was never addicted to meth or earning more money, it was my mask to cover my hidden reality, which was to “live free indeed,” in his image.

So began my journey into whole health. Learning to cleanse toxic relationships out of my life, balance my spiritual, family and career life, and building up those around me with unconditional love, is now my mission, for all of mankind.

As I began studying cannabis, the healthcare industry, people go to market strategies, and lack of knowledge and greed from money in the marketplace, business as usual, became boring. It then hit me, a profound nugget from the past “Go a different direction.”

That is how our creation of Botany Scientifics has evolved. Our community is different, from our field trips to the farm, the quality of our products and the community we are creating, is all about getting people back to soil, plants, and community. Our community is committed to putting humanity back in touch with the earth, to feel it, to see how plants are grown, how they are processed, loved and even packaged.

Our vision is to move touch and inspire others to embrace healthier, happier and more connected communities, just as my childhood.


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