Cliff Oppenheimer

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Cliff Oppenheimer

Married since 1965 to Shirley Oppenheimer and we both have lived in San Antonio since 1984.

I am retired from the United States Air Force. During my tours in the Air Force, I was a Flight Mechanic in Viet Nam and have many hours flying. Returning from Viet Nam I spent tours at Scott AFB where both my children were born.

After spending the last 10 years at Altus AFB, I retired and we moved to San Antonio, Texas.

After settling in San Antonio, I went to work as an Operations Manager for a large chemical and paper company. I Worked there for several years before starting a very successful software company “Time Saver Software” for 22 years. Had over 10,000 customers before retiring that company in 2012.

Always staying busy I continued other endeavors in the Nutrition business and then later on, in the home security business.

My heart was always looking at ways to rid our bodies of pain and to improve a healthier, better way of life. I then directed my focus as a 70 plus year-old to the beneficial Hemp Plant and Co-Founded this business with my family.

I am so glad that I made this choice, as I have seen so many people that have had results from what God has planted in our soil.--


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