Barbara's Testimonial

Barbara's testimonial - Botany Scientifics


I'm 64 and started taking the 25 mg Botany capsules and after a few nights, I went from waking up 4 times per night to only once or twice. I'm actually sleeping, actually dreaming, and actually waking up refreshed. Along with the capsules, I've been applying the moisturizing lotion on my hands and feet. Everynight, I place the lotion on my feet and then cover them with a sock, by morning my feet are soft and smooth! My hands look younger too! My husband, who can become very agitated over stress, took the 10 mg capsules last week and was amazed. It calmed him down and he said he felt good and happy. Botany products have done so much for me and my family, I now have happy sleep, happy feet, happy hands and a happy husband!

Thanks Botany!!!

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