Bobbi O.'s Testimonial

Bobbi O.'s testimonial - Botany Scientifics

Bobbi O.

I’m a 67-year-old cancer survivor. I live with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis. I have pins in my ankle, pins and rods in my back, torn rotator cuffs, and a knee replacement. My doctors refer to me, as their "favorite train wreck"!

I weaned myself off some very toxic medications and have resorted to controlling my pain with biofeedback, a small TENS unit, and a prescription ointment. Until recently, I’ve just resigned myself to living a limited life with daily discomfort and disappointment.

My sister-in-law persuaded me to try Botany CBD salve. So I tried it on my ankle, and the throbbing stopped! Within 10 minutes the pain and discomfort was gone! The following morning, I actually stood on my tiptoes; I hadn’t done that in years!

Now, I use the salve, just before bed every other night, I rub it on my ankle, lower back, shoulders, and knee. And because of it, I’m able to keep up with my granddaughters, volunteer, cook, clean and even wear my red 3” heels to church! I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!

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